Got dog it Bruno Mars!!!!

How is it that you do this to us EVERY.SINGLE.TIME?! I mean like every single time dude?!

There I was minding my own dern business on Thursday and I see the interwebs all in a stir. Being that I was living that grown up 9-5 life, I couldn’t step away to go hear this whole Finesse situation that everyone kept chattering about on Twitter. I should have known though because I listened to 24K Magic and heard that some amazeballs remix was eventually happening in the middle of the night with my 2nd favorite ratchet she-ro (only 2nd to the Queen of Ratchet, Rihanna), the one and only Ms. Cardi B.

I also should have known that when I saw the visuals, I would be completely and utterly obsessed – thrusted back into my awkward tweens, where I loved simpler times of Cross-Colors, K-Swiss, oversized Looney Tunes shirts and African pendant necklaces. Oh those were the days of yesteryear when a scrawny, dancing-machine of a little girl could imagine being the 4th member of TLC and lead dancer of The Fly Girls on In Living Color.

So there it was 9-dog-on-PM, on the 4th day of the year when I already had a lot going on. I got onto Facebook only to see that my old dream was still kinda attainable. The hope dealer of my 9-year-old fantasies, real life, turned out to be non other than Bruno-mutha-effin-Mars! Clearly I’m excited and all in a country tizzy about it. I’m sure I’ll regret my poor Texas lingo some other time but right now I’m in a celebratory mood…#fortheculture.

He brings us yet another rhythmic tune with catchy lines accompanied by a vibrant visual full of slick moves, beautiful people and 90s fashions to live for. The nostalgia runs thick and it just wraps you up in the richness of 90s urban culture. I know this is going to sound odd, but as a kid who lived through that amazing period in time, I find this video like a beautiful ode to an 80s baby’s media filled childhood.

Thank you Bruno for making feel old as dirt and thank you for blessing us with another HOT joint to start this freezing year off right.

Winter hurricane what?! We have heat from Bruno Mars. <3