Happy Thanksgiving! How I’m Enjoying the Holiday…Solo

So today we celebrate the American-foodie-national-holiday…Thanksgiving. Ok , it’s more than that but you get my drift. Usually, you could find me back home -in Houston– with my purple Rubbermaid Tupperware, joyously bouncing from house to house in my cozy-eating-pants because don’t play, we all have them. This year y’all will find me in my apartment making the best of the holiday season here in The Bay. Instead of wallowing about not being home to see the people I love, I’m making the best of this time and working to actually create my own little traditions. It’s about time, and I might as well practice for when I have my own family…gasp, own family. Whew, ok I’m back. So here are a few tips/what I’ll be up to during Turkey Day as a single woman-child in quarantine.

Photo by Jesus Camacho

Soak in the morning vibes

Today I woke up with gratitude bursting from my lil heart. I mean outside of FedEx ruining my food order (go check out my Twitter thread if you’d like to see my mini meltdown) I was so happy! I sat, thought about where I came from and where I am…and just relished the moment. We are so blessed to be alive through such unprecedented and unpredictable times, and I reminded myself just how fortunate I am to be safe and well with people who love me. Then I cuddled with Cookie (my adorable furry sidekick) because that’s what we do…plus I have to catch him before he starts with his morning “kisses.” I called my parents and kicked off the rest of the morning with the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade. It was perfect. Take a breath today and feel.

Photo by Jesus Camacho

Plan yourself a feast

It’s ok if you’re not the best of cooks or if you miss your family’s home-cooking. Think about creating your own little smorgasbord of things you enjoy. I might have had to cut my cajun stuffed chicken, thanks to FedEx, but that doesn’t mean I can’t prepare the other things that make me feel closer to home. I’m thinking I might fry some chicken legs to accompany my homemade dirty rice, cabbage, sweet potatoes, mac & cheese, and cornbread. Oh yes, it’s going DOWN today y’all! If you’re not a cook, order-in or try your local market for pre-cooked dishes and desserts. And if you aren’t too deep in your cocoon of comfort, maybe do a drive-by to a friend’s house for a coveted “plate.” Don’t forget, you probably have more options than you thought.

Photo by Jesus Camacho

Gather virtually with your family

Now YES….I did call my mom and dad earlier this morning, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be harassing everyone via FaceTime. I have siblings, friends, and more folks to bother about nothing and I plan on doing it TAHDAY. I figured, I was invited out but I’d rather just spruce myself up a bit and look cute over video chat. It’s safe and literally takes no real effort at all…plus it’s FUN! Do it, call out to people. You don’t have to wait for them to reach out to you.

Watch ALL the holiday movies

After I’ve stuffed myself to a pulp and drank way tew much, I’ll be watching every holiday themed cartoon, romcom, comedy, drama, special I can lay my eyes on. There will be some serious gluttony and couch time happening today friends. This is the perfect time to get in the spirit of love and joy, so what not?! And you know, no one is going to judge you now…Break out the Mariah Carey and tinsel, it’s time.

Photo by Jesus Camacho

Well— hopefully this helps all of you single peeps dealing with your first, truly solo holiday. Us unmarried folks have to stick together outchea! I’d love to hear any other tips or best practices you have for celebrating your holiday to the fullest, while being solo-dolo, so drop me a line. And Happy Thanksgiving! <3

-D. Wright