My name is DeAndre “Dee” Wright and welcome to Sounds About Wright!

I’ve feel like I’ve lived a bazillion lives– from musical endeavors to super geeky events I’ve hosted…I’ve done a lot over the years and I thank you all for joining me and my good-ole shenanigans here.

I wanted to offer up something a little bit different into the world- a glimpse into the brain of an analytic-creative and talk about the things I find cool, interesting, entertaining, or just simply moving.

Sounds About Wright is intended to be a safe space for real conversation and where a community of misfits and quirky over-thinkers can come together to discuss what inspires us, what we love, and even the topics that can be a bit challenging in these very interesting times.

Now… be forewarned. I have a lot to say and a pretty corny sense of humor but also I have a ton of love in my heart, and aspirations to impact the world however I can. Aside from my unsolicited advice and rants, know that Sounds About Wright is about us. And we have a lot to talk about friends.

I look forward to our conversations. <3

-D. Wright