So what can I say that hasn’t already been said about the immensely talented Montina? I can barely collect my thoughts. I guess I’ll just start with the obvious… this girl can sang her face off! It’s no surprise why Beyoncé tapped Montina to join her team as a background vocalist over 13 years ago.

Montina has, since then, sang alongside Queen Bey and taken the world by storm with sold out tours and legendary performances a singer could only dream of. With all of her success and accomplishments, that didn’t seem to be enough. Montina released her 2016 project, simply titled, “Closer as a marker for where she was in womanhood and as testament to the life she lived. Shameless plug and humble brag: I was fortunate to write with her on two songs and she is more than freakishly talented, she’s a true sweetheart.

So now what is Ms. Montina up to? She’s taking no prisoners with her newly released, gut-punching ballad “Grass is Greener.” Montina is laying it out there for women who have experienced heartbreak and infidelity with a clear message…

[su_quote cite=”I made sure, my grass was greener next door.”][/su_quote]

You hear a rawness from Montina that breaks away from her legendary cool tone and smooth vocals. Montina is stepping out in more ways than one and I’m excited to hear what she reveals for her follow up. Click here to download the song on iTunes! <3