Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone.

I love Haim. Why do I love them? They’re a quirky, rhythmic, poppy yet soulful rock band – that’s why. The Haim sisters are winning fans over left and right, so I naturally have to introduce you to them.

One of my best friends put me on to their music some summers ago and I never let up. I’ve gone years playing their first album, Days Are Gone just up until last week and that’s only because their new LP (Something to Tell You) was released. It’s fun, you have to check it out.

These girls are genuine and have a sweet natural chemistry. I guess they should since they’re sisters and all. Danielle, Este and Alana are your quintessential girls-next-door who are super goofy and cute in this perfect mix of anti-hipster meets rock goddess. The stories they tell are relatable and there’s something groovy about their music. Yes, groovy. I just feel like I want to dance when I listen to them and I seriously mean it. You can’t help it! I literally cook in the kitchen and dance to their albums with no tragic grease fires or missing limbs to report. You might not be so lucky but try a good Haim inspired kitchen jam session at least once.

Last thought, I appreciate how their interesting blend of influences organically resonate through their sound. They’re the perfect recipe of your favorite meal and worth at least one good listen. The jury is still out on my favorite song but just know, I’ll be keeping this little musical jewel on repeat. <3

-D. Wright