Discovr: A Music Lover’s Best Friend

Music lovers, have I got something for you! A friend of mine introduced me to my new favorite thing, and it’s a music discovery app appropriately named Discovr.

There are so many music streaming and sharing services out there to a point where it can be a little overwhelming to try and find new artists to check out these days. My music go-to’s have always been blogs or friends with amazing taste in music…but what if you want something even simpler than that? Discovr might be the answer for you.

With the Discovr app, you can:

  • Search thousands of artists
  • Play newly discovered music from the app
  • Open an artist’s music in Spotify or iTunes
  • Share your new discovery with other music lovers

You start by downloading the free app on your iOS or Android device, search a familiar artist you like, the tap on their name and discover other similar artists through a dgized music tree. It’s pretty cool and really simple to follow.

Another great feature being able to pull up your  music in either Apple Music or Spotify! It’s extremely intuitive and easy to use and did I mention…free?! You can’t get any better than that.

I’ve been using it for a few days now and have found talents like Jessie Ware, DVSN, Parachute and a few others to dive into. If you’re adventurous or just searching for someone new to check out, Discovr offers you a sure fire way to learn about artists you might have never heard of from all over the world! Of course the music nerd in me is pretty stoked. Feel free to share your new discoveries with me — happy listening. <3