This won’t be long. All I’m going to tell you is I watched the Apple Event and came away truly wanting only one thing…the iPhone X. Don’t get me wrong, there were other devices announced and software that seemed promising but they didn’t really hold a candle to the X. Three features were all I needed to be persuaded and I don’t care how ridiculous you think they are. What I know is my life would be so much better with them. So here it is, my techie girl’s pumpkin spice latte equivalent. #IllBeBasicDontJudgeMe


I’ve always wanted to be a cartoon, chalk it to way too much Disney and 1 Saturday Mornings on ABC. One of  my bucket list items is to actually do voice work for a major animated film but now you’re telling me for $1000 I could make that happen in text messages and possibly with other software?! SIGN. ME. UP. If you’re my friend and text me regularly, I’m sorry in advance. Well no, I’m not. Deal with it. Group texters…beware. I told y’all not to put me in group chats but you did it anyway, now you’ll pay. I plan on running amuck with every single poop animated version of myself I can muster up. I also plan on playing other characters as well to pass the time. This is my number 1 feature and I can not wait.

It’s Biggie Smalls

The screen is yuge but from the looks of it, it’s smaller than my 7 Plus. Mark this down for me under “I want now.” All I’ve ever wanted is a big enough screen to make me feel like I can do all the things, even if I plan on using half of it. I just need options. Sure my make-up might grease up the thing, I don’t care. there will be 5.8 inches of amazingness packaged in a smaller body. There are small bezels and a new take on the display with no buttons! It’s big enough and yet somehow small enough…who wouldn’t want that?

An Ode to the Old School

When Steve Jobs premiered the first model of the iPhone in all black, I was dazzled. But when I saw that white, glossy 3GS – I just knew that I was in love. Yes, love. I’ve always appreciated technology for what it would contribute to my life but the design was always the icing on the cake. So when the rumor mills were a-churning with the design on the X, I was a little concerned. I didn’t know how I’d ever get over that vertical camera but the design revealed today was far more impressive than the leaks online. The stainless-steel rounded edges and glass frame was definitely a nice nod to the past, it dredges up all the feels and nostalgia. It won me over. It was pretty, shiny, and quite honestly that was all it took. Sue me (only after I pay it off).

Photo courtesy of Apple.

Now I know I didn’t take much coaxing but there are so many other great features about the phone you should dive into. Yes there are many opinions for and against it and everything Apple whether we’re talking design, pricing, or what have you. I say just check it out for yourself and leave your thoughts with me below. What are you excited to see from announcement day? <3