I’m not much of a Taylor Swift fan, I mean I’m not technically in her demo of listeners…but when I heard she was coming out with a new song for her upcoming album release, I was interested in seeing where she would take her creative direction.

Then the internet blew up. Two Wednesdays ago, clips of her “controversial” single and press was released around Taylor’s new visual for “Look What You Made Me Do” and social media did not disappoint with there reaction. People were big mad. The memes were savage, and the think-piecies overflowed with criticism of Taylor’s whole victim-image and rip-off Lemonade persona. Dude, they even dubbed her video Minute Maid. And yes, I laughed because it was clever as all get out (#IAintSorry) but the criticism was so raw even Joseph Kahn felt the need to step in and defend their work.

You know what though…I love music so I watched it. Even past the whole “I don’t like your tilted stage” line (giggles). I’m sitting there like “ohhhh she really thinks she’s doing something.” I mean everyone knows they hate each other and we’re all sadly entertained by it but I was hoping it wouldn’t be all she would lead with. And I’m glad to say it wasn’t. Tay-Tay went all kinds of cray cray and with her video and there were secret messages galore. Exciting, I know right. If you’re a Swifty, you can check out a few of them HERE or HERE.

Now you might be wondering how I personally feel about the song and the clip. It’s not for me but I get it. I’m sure it’s already #1 on the charts, her fans adore her. The video did give me a few chuckles and it was not as Beyoncé-esk as one might think. Kahn was right. People call it genius, I just call it well directed. It’s not hard to reference things in the video if you follow her story. It didn’t use enough of my brain cells for me to think it was deep. I just know she’s definitely got a chip on her shoulder and is telling the world little nice Tay-Tay is dead. Now she’s sassy, edgy Tay-Tay that twirls with “the kids” and doesn’t need to play guitar or write hit songs for huge pop stars to prove she’s hot. Yeah girl, go you! And by the way…I still don’t know “what they made her do.” Kill her old self and bring out her inner tigress? I dunno, maybe that.

Anywho, give it a go for yourself and leave me your thoughts below! <3