Photo courtesy of H.E.R.

She’s elusive, mysterious, sensual and poetic… but who is she? There have been long-time whispers from fans that the identity of  RCA’s latest femme fatale is none other than the talented Gabi Wilson.

H.E.R. has been praised by the likes of Alicia Keys, Solange’s Saint Heron and music tastemaker, Mr. “Golden Ears” himself, Carl Chery of Apple Music. Her debut EP H.E.R., Vol. 1 was full of moody, melodic tracks and stayed on constant repeat for me while I spent time in Los Angeles last summer. It was the perfect soundtrack to accompany a beautiful drive in Venice, windows down, and passing towering by palm trees on a breezy day.

California, Summer 16

Vol. 1 takes you back to your first intense love. It’s warm, youthful and yet extremely mature. I don’t mean mature in the typically formulated “I’m a woman now so I’m going to talk about sex and get naked because I love myself ” pop princess sort of way either. I mean the lyrics are real and come off genuine to her experiences. Shout out to RCA for letting her do her thing!

She obviously is looking to strike twice with a sonically soothing Vol. 2. and has provided her listeners with a preview to the next level of her artistry. The proof is in the pudding as the old folks say, and yes…this is all kinds of musical pudding. Vol. 2’s pre-release tracks, tease a confident and assured young woman. “Every Kind of Way” is romantic and bodyrolling-fantastic if I must say so myself. You instantly want to sing along to it. Her vocals are sweet and the storytelling is inviting. A listener is drawn into the warm sounds of love and adoration. If you’re a subscriber to one of the big music streaming services, you can check out the other tracks Say It Again and Lights On right now.

If you don’t believe me on how amazing this new, velvety-smooth R&B chick is, feel free to check H.E.R. out for yourself and maybe swing by one of her tour dates with Bryson Tiller beginning this August.

I can not WAIT for this full release. <3

-D. Wright