Rhyon Brown: The Ultimate Pretty Girl

What up party peoppppppppllleeeee!?

Ok, it’s been a month and I will try to never do that again. I totes missed writing to you all and was keeping myself busy between the Sounds About Wright Facebook and Instagram. Anywho, all the things have been going on and maybe I’ll draft up a post for tomorrow to run it back but I wanted to tell you about my new fave…Rhyon Brown.

I mean COME ON! We’re both pocket-sized, we both have “boy” names, AND we both had the woes of our college years to build the drive for our musical aspirations. I was sold in like 2 seconds, ok five minutes but she’s adorbs. Rhyon sings dances and acts. Can we say triple threat?

Note: The only acting I plan on doing is voiceover work for Disney cartoons but this girl it the real deal!

This cute little nugget has apparently been on the scene in LA for quite some time, acting and singing on a couple very popular shows, and released her Pretty Girl film just last week! Needless to say it’s winning over hearts and ears with each passing day.

I don’t want to dive in too deep right now, but check it out! She has a great story that is so relatable and easy to follow. You can absolutely feel her authenticity which is definitely rare for me to experience from these cute little pop-tarts born and bred from the glitzy streets of Los Angeles. However, this girl is different. She’s got a good blend of slick and real going on here. Rhyon comes off as a young woman with a message, a journey to share and a spirit that can spread some much needed light in the ever so dark world of entertainment.

Let me know what you think! I’m excited to hear from you. <3