Photo courtesy of Electric Guest’s iTunes.

We all have that one thing we’ve had a hard time letting go of and LA pop duo, Electric Guest, found a cool way to sing about it. Their rhythmic, yet troubled Summer banger “Oh Devil” draws you in and before you know it, you’re grooving like Kuzco. I enjoy it so much that I’ve officially made it my car jam until the Fall drops. I bump it with the windows down as if they’re talking about me being this irresistible vixen they couldn’t detox from. I don’t even want to be that person or know what they’re really talking about, but that’s how shexy (yes shexy) this track is. The crazy thing is this song is likely about any devil you might be dealing with. It’s deep, but sooooooo fun. It makes me want to bust out the red lipstick and fluff my hair for a night out on the town. I don’t care what devil it is, I just want to dance about it.

Photo courtesy of Billboard.

I mean when I first heard it, I was checking out the LA Pops playlist on Spotify (it’s amazing by the way, if you’re into discovering new talent). The song took me away and I immediately felt like I should be dancing somewhere with warm LED lights bouncing off my skin. Note to you: play this, if you want to get me going. It’s totally Ellen-worthy, she only dances to the best and I could see her busting moves on this one. And if you can get past the slightly creepy chant at the end, you’ll be fine. Just heed my warning, when you hear it, you’ll definitely want to get your groove on.

Photo courtesy of The Line of Best Fit.

Oh Devil naturally reminded of pop contemporaries from the 90’s/00’s era. It felt slick and familiar on the first listen. If you dig into the rest of the Plural album, it gets pretty interesting. This eccentric duo does not disappoint on bringing out colorful, warm sounds and moody mid-tempo tunes. They experiment with your vibe and tickle at your emotions. If you can’t sing, you will by the end of it.

And you might be wondering who these dudes actually are. Electric Guest is an indie-pop band from LA, comprised of two super eclectic guys (Asa Taccone and Michael Compton). They met by chance and immediately started collaborating on music. The duo released their first album “Mondo” in 2012, independently, and has steadily grown their base over the last five years. As for the obvious. I like them. There are a few songs on the album that might be a less relatable and oddly placed/selected but their music makes sense for me. Even if you check out their site, you’ll see that it all works in the favor of their interesting aesthetic.

If you’re someone who’s adventurous, I think you’ll like them. They are not too experimental where they fly over your head but too obvious to where you feel like you’ve lost brain cells because you enjoyed them. No guilty pleasure vibes here buddy, not at all. <3