I’m Tired of President 45

I’m tired of President Trump.

Photo courtesy of The Hill.

There, I said it.I try not to say his name often because it instantaneously gives me a headache, but right now I’m just agitated. You know what else…I’m sick of having debates about him with people that halfway listen or care about humanity. I’m sick of hearing he’s tweeted something dumb, said something dumb, did something dumb, signed something dumb or was just plain dumb that day. I’m tired of jokes about his bad wig, his face, his terrible tan, his ill-fitted tennis outfits… I’m just over it. Like this little girl over it… Long sigh.

Photo courtesy of The Telegraph.

I want him to go away, better yet, I want to wake up from this nightmare we call America 2017. People are getting choked out in front of restaurants, shot dead in the streets, literally terrorized and traumatized with the most heinous acts imaginable to mankind but here we are, concerned about 45 being annoying -going all Westlemania while the world watches. I know, I know…this all seems a little dramatic but remember, this is not what I signed up for. I warned people as soon as he said he was running for office. There was no love then, and there’s no love now but you know what…maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m missing it. Naw, I’m not. I’m not missing anything. I’ve never been his fan and he’s playing America with a terrible Ponzi scheme and making our country look like the best of reality tv trash. We had enough problems without the cameras being on us for foolish behavior. To make matters worse, we don’t even discuss anything positive he does and it’s probably because that’s like trying to find a silent blowdryer. And let me tell you a little bit about blowdryers, there are no silent blowdryers! Note: If you find one, please let me know because that would be amazing.

For those of you wondering where this is coming from. Here I am, peacefully living it up on a Sunday and I see this dude’s mug on my computer screen with an article discussing the same thing he literally did just last week and everyone acting all surprised about it. Yes, he was tweeting. RUN THE GOT-DERN COUNTRY 45, stop tweeting ignant posts about nothingness and dumb stuff. Yes, we know, you hate the media. Left wing media,to be more specific but GET OVER IT and be a President. Going all Nacho Libre on CNN, fine – do that in your personal, non-public time. Stop trying to distract the country from the terrible polices you and your goons are passing. Just pass them without the charades! We don’t need you putting out this imagery for the world to see. He’s like that that crazy, racist, pervy uncle that can’t keep the business in the family. He ALWAYS has to make it known that he’s terrible and that’s how Uncle Creepy gets caught up. We just want you to stop. Do something positive that we can talk about. Like pet a puppy or something. Oh sorry, you can’t because you’re a terrible person and animals don’t like you either.

Photo courtesy of AP News.

It’s like when he’s not tweeting, he’s lying or being a creeper. And his supporters don’t find ANYTHING wrong with it. They make excuses, which baffles me when we had to read about President Obama’s feet on the desk or him hugging someone for like 8 years. It’s ridiculous. I’m just tired and I’ve never felt so passionately about a person I’ve never met. I don’t get down with bigots, chauvinists or power hungry posers. Sorry, not sorry. But seriously, I know I have some conservative friends out there who are probably thinking “this is what the media wants you to feel about Trump.” No. Stop blaming the media for 45’s weirdo antics on Twitter or just period. The entire world and freaking Milky Way Galaxy can see he’s terrible and if you have any good sense, I know a smallllllll piece of you is tired of him too. Just admit it. <3

-D. Wright