Nobody… Like Jack Freeman

One of my favorite songs this year is from an artist you will get to know very well…Houston’s own, Jack Freeman. And he just dropped a video for it! Swoons.

Nobody is this soulful, and romantic expression to a love lost that draws you in from the first guitar lick. You just know you’re going to be in for a treat. Then you hear it…

[su_quote cite=”I’ve been around the world. Been a lot of places, seen all these pretty faces but hey…ooooohh it’s nobody like you.”][/su_quote]

The new visual is dark yet boldy luminescent. It almost feels as if there’s a spotlight on his reflective time of this once in a lifetime love he let slip away. And EVESBOROUGH did not disappoint, bringing out beautifully timed cuts and imagery of Jack. They helped him tell a story all on his own. He performs this song alone, with no female lead dramatically leaving him after a big fight or props helping distract him from his obvious pain. Jack Freeman holds down this video with a super-fly tailored suit and a player-worthy hat. Check the clip below if you don’t believe me.

I met Jack years ago at South by Southwest, and immediately knew he was special. I don’t say that because he’s crazy as all get out and a riot to hang with. He had great energy then and I later found out the dynamic artist that he was. Over the years, Jack has put in a ton of work around the city and performed some amazing venues all over the US. It’s truly been a pleasure to see him grow as musician and singer. Jack is the real deal and has next in Houston.

Photo courtesy of Jack Freeman.

He’s already quite accomplished as an independent artist and has had a pretty amazing year so far. Nobody was hand selected by the legendary Spike Lee to feature on his new Netflix series She’s Gotta Have It.” Not to mention, Jack has also been featured in numerous digital publications and was mentored by John Legend after being one of five hand-picked artists selected for the AXE Collective showcase during South by Southwest 2016. This guy stays pushing forward. Jack, we’re rooting for your win! <3