Janelle Monáe Bustin’ Out

Ok…I’m supposed to be finishing up my New York post but dis Janelle mutha-mutha Monáe has me in low key shock! It’s been like 5 years since her acclaimed last album The Electric Lady, she’s had a ton of success in cinema, and never ceases to amaze the fashion world with her lux partnerships but today decided she wanted to take us to another level.

Dirty Jane

Prince-inspired, colorful, sensual and highly SHEXY – Janelle Monáe came to disrupt the game with Make Me Feel.

Now look, I don’t care that she took her lil clothes off and is bustin’ out as a proud member of the Rainbow Coalition. She looks amazing, has always been fit and has always had her sexuality questioned throughout her career. As a fan, what I care about is chick being true to herself and baby she’s doing just that! She has her lil rumored bae all in the video and is YOLOing all over the place. I definitely clenched my pearls a couple of times but I’m pretty sure I saw this whole situation coming, I mean I am a fan after all.

Y’all know she has never really been the overtly sexual so it’s pretty interesting to see her explore this part of herself. And I mean there were some slightly awkward moments in there but hey, Janelle and her see-through pants decided to shoot her shot. I know it’s going to be some HIGHLY upset mothers out there because Dirty Jane obviously gives no effs and is making it all the way known. Check it out below.

Django Jane

And because one video clearly wasn’t enough to snatch wigs…chick came out with TWO! I mean seriously, this is probably my favorite side so far. Give me Django Jane any day of the week and I will live my rapper fantasies out through her.

I feel like this was also a long time coming, especially after that epicness she dropped in Q.U.E.E.N. and that whole introduction to the video about legendary rebels. Come on, we saw this coming too. I also feel like her artist/labelmate Jidenna definitely had some influence on this woke-Jane we have here. It’s such a culturally rich visual with beautiful colors and strong punchlines declaring her femininity and power. We definitely need more of this strength from our fave artists.

And y’all! She was even cussing in these songs and I’m just sitting like OhMahGah!!! She’s doing all the things! Take a listen if you don’t believe me.

Read more about Ms. Monáe’s liberation HERE. Believe me, it’s dope and I’m too excited about Dirty Computer dropping in April. <3