So in this week’s stories of women murking the game, we have TV vet Judge Judy Sheindlin who is literally sitting on a gold mine!

She’s in the works of selling her 10,400-show archive back to network giant, CBS, for a whopping $95 million! That’s more money than I could ever fathom but really want to because who wouldn’t want to wish that much money on themselves? Like what do you do with it? Scrooge McDuck it? Buy a boat? Invest in the next big start-up? I don’t know, but this 70-year old diva is in her 21st season and currently makes around $45 million a year helping people realize how dumb they are for trying to “get over” on the law. Anywho, this is such a boss chick move.

But what’s the lesson?

The lesson is to work hard and know your worth! This is a woman who clearly understands her power and her demand.

I used to have such a difficult time with requesting pay for my creative services and now I feel like like as my star rises and my services are requested more frequently, the value of my time also increases. I can’t sell myself short for the sake of playing the nice-girl card. Who said it? Ms. Yoncé, I think it was, told the world “eff you pay me.

Over the years she’s made incredibly smart, strategic, and very consistent moves with her brand as well as her business. She knows her 10-million viewers like the back of her hand and gives the people what they want – a smart and sassy, no-nonsense incarnation of the law.

She’s been #1 like forever and lives a quiet life with her family. This is the way to do it folks! Invest in yourself, live happily, build your empire quietly and shock the freaggin world without personally announcing a got-dog on thing! Yassss Ms. Judy…Just yasssss.

Give me my money. –#JudyTaughtMe <3