The Kitchen at The Dunlavy

Located off of historic Allen Parkway, sits one of the most beautiful spaces I’ve ever visited for brunch. I’ve been wanting to check out The Kitchen at The Dunlavy for months and finally got the opportunity over last weekend. Usually when folks go somewhere or do something they’ve been anticipating, there’s a little bit of a let down. I can not say that was the case here. It was everything I hoped it to be…From the walk up to the door, the chandeliers, the food and atmosphere. I felt like a Black Alice in Wonderland waiting for the Mad Hatter and March Hare to serve me up a cup of something good.

As I mentioned, the walk up was absolutely beautiful. There was greenery from a park that shared the space below, as well as a bayou. Also notable, was the cemetery that neighbored the building. You would think it would make the vibe a bit morbid or dreary but the crazy thing was, even that looked enchanting. All I could think was the acreage this thing sits on is absolutely breathtaking.

Parking was kind of tricky since the lot was small. I decided to opt out of their reasonably priced valet to park in a smaller connected lot, and then made my way up the rock trail.

This is going to sound corny but it was lovely and so pleasant outside that it made it even better. From the snaps I took of the surrounding buildings, you can get a feel of how grandiose the landscaping and views were. Note to photographers: If you want to take pictures of Houston in all it’s glamorous, Southern glory – this is the spot to do it. You can also see a glimpse of Downtown that makes everything even more awe-inspiring.

Now for the entrance…anyone who knows me, knows that I’m absolutely obsessed with chandeliers. I don’t have one in my apartment, so I bought a painting of one and it’s literally hanging over my sofa as we speak. So imagine my girly-girl, shrieking joy when I walked in and laid my eyes on this amazing dining room. It nearly brought me to tears. Ok, maybe no tears were involved but my jaw absolutely dropped. It was an experience just walking into the space. I died and went to chandelier heaven.

As far as the feel of the room, after getting over the delightful drama of it all, it felt surprisingly warm and very charming. I went through the door and was able to order my food and beverages right away. The staff was friendly and professional so they helped us get though the line quickly. This place gets packed, so no drama around waiting for a table or waiters felt amazing.

Mimosa (Cocktail)

I don’t have to tell you the drinks were awesome. They had bite but were well very balanced and super tasty. We got a great deal on a carafe and pretty much went to boozy-town. So with the drinks, there were no complaints there just know we were Chatty-Cathy’s by the end of it.

For my meal, I decided to go with something a little traditional. Whenever I go to places I’ve never experienced, I select a simple meal. My thoughts are, “If they screw this up, I’m never coming back.” For the record, they didn’t screw it up and I’ll definitely be going back. The bacon was thick and salty. The eggs were light and perfectly drizzled in white American cheddar. The potatoes were seasoned and the toast was toasted for just the right amount of crisp. Everything was so good, even the butter made me go mmmmm.

The Egg Plate

There was so much more to see outside of the dining space. I can’t wait to go back and sit in their outdoor area. They have a new, loyal patron in me. I guarantee if you enjoy good eats and beautiful aesthetics, The Kitchen is the spot to visit. It’s such a jewel and I hope you enjoy it when you visit. <3