Brunch and Slay All Day

You guys might have remembered I referenced my good friend Ameerah in my article Every Little Step a few weeks back. She’s a true gem and one of the most phenomenal people I know. Not only is she a beautiful wife and mother, but she’s a fabulous business woman who is taking the world by storm. This past weekend, Ameerah invited women across Houston Metro area to join her in a private brunch at Sak Fifth’s 51Fifteen in celebration of sisterhood and her lifestyle event series…Brunch and Slay.

There was champagne and appetizers flowing from the very start of the experience. We were practically waited on hand and foot. Droves of beautiful women dressed to the nines were literally EVERYWHERE you hear me?! If someone wanted a wife, Ameerah held the key to the treasure box. I kid you not – the style was on point, the hair was on point, the ambition was on point and the positivity was overflowing. The assortment of women in attendance varied in all shades of hues and backgrounds. It was the one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

But back to the actual event…it started with a networking cocktail hour, then we were moved into the dining area for our first course and a fashion demonstration by stylist, Ashley Kahn. We mingled a bit more, ate our second course and then moved to the bar area for desert and more mimosas. After a bit of more chatting we were ushered into the event space to hear the panels.

The women we heard were an all-star group to say the least. We had renowned  fashion illustrator Rong-Rong Devoe, fitness guru Leah Egwuatu, Emmy Award winner  Erica Halloway, fashion maven Brandy Gueary, Doctor Ashandra Batiste who stars on Bravo series Married to Medicine Houston and moderating was best selling writer Charlie Marcol. These were just the people on the panel! The room was full of influencers, medical professionals, designers, educators, creatives, techs, and other amazing represented industries.

Ameerah created a lavish experience for her guests. I can only imagine what she’s going to come up with next. If you’re into unique lifestyle events, make sure to visit her website for more information HERE. I clearly had a blast. <3