With all that’s going on in the world, I wanted to offer you guys up a little bit of inspiration. A friend of mine gave me some of the most amazing advice a few weeks back and it’s seriously been changing my life.

[su_quote cite=”Take your work one step at a time. Take life one small step at a time.


Yes… I’ve heard it before (you probably have too), like so many other amazing nuggets of wisdom from family and friends over the years. I guess I honestly wasn’t in the place to apply it to my life. Maybe I only listened and didn’t really hear. I don’t know, but I now realize how much following through on these small useful offerings can impact a life.

I’m learning that when you’re ready to make real progress, good advice will withstand the test of time. Ameerah didn’t know it then, but she was confirming what I needed to hear to get me to the next level. I needed to hear that I didn’t have to build Rome in a day. My success will come with small, daily efforts.

Working on this blog has been a huge undertaking for me. I thought I had to have it up in one night and make money off of it immediately, but it took me about a week or so to get it up and I’m currently working on monetization. With executing at least one task, daily, I’m continuously working on ways to improve my business as well as get it running the way I’d like. I now make sure to never end my day without one task going towards my blog. That could be making small edits, writing out an idea, editing a graphic… it could be anything. I just make sure to have at least one thing done.

I’m also carrying this mentality and discipline into other important aspects of my life. It felt like there weren’t enough hours in the day and used to really struggle at finishing songs or making time to work at my musical pursuits. Now I have a sure-fire plan to get my art done and have projects completed in a more non-stressful way. I’d like to think I’m #teamwinning over here. If I keep this up, who knows where I will be in a year!

So…let’s get real. What about you? What advice can you recall hearing that could get you to your next level? If you can’t think of anything off the bat, take some time to listen. Listen to the folks around you that are wise and have your best interests at heart. Then maybe reflect on some of the advice you might have heard but overlooked.

Now is the best time to make major strides towards your goals. Don’t let the moment pass you by! <3