This is going to be super short but I wanted to share some quick thoughts with you good people on this amazing Monday.

So…Every day, I mean EVERY day, I’ve fought myself.

I know what I’m supposed to do but I get so afraid to do it. I know I’m full of power and that people believe I can conquer the world but I’ve been afraid to use it. I know I’m meant to be successful but I’ve still been afraid to achieve it. Who does that?! Who self-sabatoges themselves out of fear?! Apparently, me but then on last week I heard “the whisper,” and it kept getting louder to the point where I couldn’t ignore it. I kept hearing these affirmations through my family, friends, my new therapist, movies, songs, and now through Spirit. #ShoutouttoGod, but You had me thinking I was going crazy.

So today, I’m recommitting myself to my purpose and claiming my success in it. I am a storyteller. I will tell stories however zany, quirky, crazy, heartbreaking or intense they might be. I’ll do it through music, writing, or whatever public platform I’m given. I will help the world express their truths and unite people through sharing stories…This is who I am. Today I embrace being DeAndre Wright, the storyteller, a creative mind who has no interest in living a lie, and one who refuses to live a life of mediocrity doing otherwise. It’s no fun. Ask me how I know.

Now what about you…Who are you? What is your purpose? Are you walking in it? <3