Happy New Year! Where Did the Time Go?

January 2018 is here and like many of you, I’m wondering where did the time go?

It felt like just yesterday I was bringing in 2017 with my girlfriends and blissfully twirling around the kitchen blowing party favors. Yes we were having that total Waiting to Exhale moment and that night was like magic – then came the rest of the year. There were personal challenges, family tragedies, political chaos, natural disasters and all the things I never even considered being concerned about when I was a kid. All I knew back then was that life was a magical thing to live and everything seemed so amazing and new.

Do You Believe In Magic?

Funny enough, I often times wonder about magic. Now for you non-dreamers, this is where the buck might stop. You don’t want to keep going. My whole life I’ve believed in magic. I believed that the world could shift and bend to make miraculous things happen. I always associated this magic with a God power, but it was magical nonetheless. I remember feeling joy, unadulterated joy expectantly knowing the world was my oyster, and mine for the keeping but then I grew up. I left Neverland. Shortly after realizing I was doomed to be a full grown woman and an epic cry with a couple of glasses of Pinot Grigio, I began to really think. The magic never left me, time was always there. Miracles never left, they were all revealed in time. Time – the very thing people said could be both a gift and a curse. The only curse about it was I felt like I never had enough of it. I knew I would take advantage of it and abuse it, shoot I even ran from it, but I never thought it was cursed. I took time for granted.

I think I sometimes still run from the magic of time but after a few failures and meltdowns, I suppose I’m ready to stop running and start dealing. What we do with our time can drastically alter the paths of our lives. When you hit your thirties, you really begin to embrace adulthood with all the happy moments and struggles you experience. I’m learning, it’s ok to reflect on the things that change with time (for better or worse) but the magic is in how you actually use that time to move forward past your challenges. I thought life would be rainbows and sunshine and that I had forever. I’ll tell you what last forever the sting of knowing one moment potentially changed your whole life for the worst but what about those moments that change you for the best? In an instant things can disappear or reappear in front of your very eyes. Life can change instantaneously and that is amazing to me.

Respecting the Time Given

I’m now learning how to respect the time I have and with all its contingencies. It makes more sense to live in the moment and watch the magic unfold before my eyes instead of revisiting the moments though drunken nights on my sofa listening to sad music about failed attempts at life. Respect the time you have on this Earth DeAndre, Sade told you to cherish the day girl! 

What does any of this even mean and why am I writing it to this sea of no-one? It means DO SOMETHING. Before we all know it 2019 will be here. Will we want to be those losers talking about what we shoulda-coulda-woulda done or will we be doers who won’t miss a beat in life? Will we be prepared for challenges, or exciting twists and turns? Will we tell the people we care about that we love them, will we express and emote to one another? Will we let our actions accelerate the magic of time? Will you? I know I will because I want to harness its power.

Cheers to 2018!

Now here I am, the fourth day of January 2018 and stepping even further into adulthood. I’m appreciating the time I’m granted more than ever before. I’m refreshed and prepared to truly work with the time I have. I’m ready to honor it and to use it wisely to make miraculous things happen for myself. I didn’t initially step into this year thinking I had a New Year’s resolution but I guess you could sort of say that I do. I’ll say that I will simply better use my time and know where it went. <3