Trying to Find the Words…

It’s March 2020, and just wow.

There has been so much tragedy and terrible stuff in our world– between Kobe and Gianna’s deaths, the president (and his entire being), America’s pending elections/the political climate, wildfires, and now Coronavirus. Our lives feel like something made for a disaster movie, and many of us are trying not to be overwhelmed with sadness, anxiety, or depression.

I haven’t known what to really say over the past couple months, but I wanted to acknowledge the state of the times before transitioning into the other topics I had in mind. When I started this blog I wanted it to be a place where you could come and experience the different facets of my personality as well as learn a little bit about the world I see. Since the world I see is a bit in shambles, I had to check myself and regroup on my perspective.

I’ll start with

My heart goes out to everyone going through it right now.

Award shows, sporting events, and TikTok challenges are cool and all but we’re all out here going through the real deal. We’re coping with some pretty tragic public and personal events–and while I know everything will be ok eventually, it doesn’t feel like it will get better any time soon. I’m working on accepting our new reality, leaning on my faith, and embracing that we truly need each other now– more than ever.

Don’t forget

A word to the wise…don’t forget to take care of you. Unplug from this madness every once in a while. I know I’ve been working so hard check my attitude in the online comment sections because sometimes I just want to to go full fledged Wreck It Ralph, but I know it doesn’t solve anything. Being an angry Smurf only adds to the crazy, so your girl has to simply disconnect from the swirl and reconnect to what matters…and that’s this here spirit.

Happiness is

Remember that happiness is forever in a state of flux, but we can all attain it. What I’m working at in my life is having authentic joy and peace. Understand, it’s definitely a challenge…the road to happy is NOT easy but I want to live a life that I know I’ve enjoyed through all of the ups and downs. I don’t want my lows to take me out the game and I don’t want my highs to ever make me forget what I’ve been through.

Right now, we’re going though a weird low and I know I refuse to personally wallow in it for long. I’m finding things that lift my spirits like writing more, tipsy Neflix time with my pup, and Dj D Nice Club Quarantine dance parties. And I’ve got so many cool stories to share too, but for now I just want to feel how I feel–weird and unsettled. I can’t pretend to be completely celebratory when the reality happening around us seems so merciless.

Anywho…Hope you all are well and I’ll drop some goodies soon. <3