Photo courtesy of Beleaf’s Facebook.

Alrighty… so I wish I would have started this blog around the time that Kendrick came out just to review the album, but I didn’t :-/ whatevs… I’m here now, with wine in tow and my love of hip-hop sitting with this new Beleaf. Now know, I’ve listened to A LOT of hip-hop and I’m not one of those chicks that feels the need to go all Love Jones on you and get super deep with the quotes and artist references. Just understand, this guy makes me feel nostalgic. He’s a beautiful artist and I gets all the feels. I should probably start from the beginning because I don’t know if you’ve honestly heard of him.

Photo courtesy of Beleaf’s Facebook.

I’m a YouTube fiend… and this chocolate drop just so happens to be one of the most creative YouTubers out there. His channel is appropriately titled “Beleaf in Fatherhood where he gives us a raw, behind the scenes perspective of fatherhood for a young African American dad. He has the most chocolatey-amazing family out in California. And I mean, I feel like we’re cousins at this point. They are spiritual, funny as all get out, expressive and loving. There are so many things I adore about this family and I don’t want to bore you too much with their anecdotes. Just take my word

Photo courtesy of Beleaf’s Facebook.

for it and watch the channel. His kids call him Bob (from The Minions)… I mean come on man! The Minions! DUDE… but I won’t get off track. They’re amazing and his channel is dedicated to their love for one another. So this album is ultimately a dedication of love for his humorously chatty wife (Yvette) and his unsurprisingly witty toddlers (Theophilus, Uriah, and the newly added Anaya) best known as The Chocolate Babies.

Photo courtesy of Beleaf’s Instagram.

In Fatherhood has warm rhythmic sounds that can take an 80’s baby back to the playground, sipping water from the fountain on a warm day. The rhymes are clever, sometimes off-timed (at the beginning) but thoughtful. The soul is PERFECT. He gives you his heart and what more can a listener ask for? I say check out Dude’s last album, yeah it’s his last, and bask in the moment of love. <3

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