When I first thought about this blog, I envisioned a place where I could hold extended versions of my Facebook rants and conversations with friends. It’s true, and I know it’s not romantic at ALL but it was the first thing that honestly came to mind. My friends and I have had some pretty wonderful conversations, from religion to relationships and politics to food. We get pretty candid and over time I began to receive a lot of feedback on my perspective. I’ve had friends to openly agree and disagree with my viewpoints but the cool thing was we were able to learn from one another in the moment. I’d go so far as to say Facebook helped me shape my voice. I mean when you’re typing you are kinda uninterrupted. So from there I learned to take civil, not politically correct, conversation into all areas of my life.

I’ll also tell you that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve taken on the voice of my father. Back in the day you couldn’t get me to talk, now I won’t shut up. There was even a running joke that I was a mute (it lasted until I was like 15) but guess what people?! Ariel has found her voice! No more mute kid or unsure 20something. I’m a grown freaggin’ woman that’s as confidently awkward as the day is long.

So know it’s ok if you’re not cool for school or one with a popular opinion when you visit. Just be you. Be authentically, unapologetically you. Sounds About Wright sounds just like me, because it is me. That’s what this space is about, saying hello to YOU and embracing it.

Now for a little housekeeping… make sure to browse the home menu to get a feel for featured topics I’ll be covering.  Also, don’t forget to follow my social networks and music page if you haven’t already. I have a couple different places around here where we can connect. And lastly brace yourselves for my very first, brand-spanking new podcast under the same name, Sounds About Wright! I’m super excited about it and will be checking in on topics to cover soon.

Cheers to our beginning and welcome to Sounds About Wright. <3

-D. Wright