Auntie Maxine: Reclaiming Her Time

First off, I’d like to say that Rep. Maxine Waters  is my soul sister. She’s my fairy shade mother and queen of giving no effs. Representative Waters is strong, opinionated, all about her business and taking the social media stratosphere by storm with her no nonsense approach to political buffoonery. This woman is sprinkling her sweet-and-sassy Black Girl Magic all over Washington and taking no prisoners as she gains new fans across the country.

I obviously love her, and think she’s hilarious but there are so many reasons why she’s caught the attention of the world and millennials in particular…Her trolling skills are none to be reckoned with. Over the past year she’s trended on Twitter with her remarks on the 2016 elections, James Comey, her Black woman at work situation that stemmed from inappropriate comments made by staunch conservative and terrible human being, Bill O’Reilly, and now from her latest command to her adversaries – never waste her time. Auntie now has us all reclaiming our time and we’re here for it.

Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Sentinel.

Even though she was clearly sending a message to Treasury Secretary  Steven Mnuchin, we can all learn a lesson from those three simple words – reclaiming my time.

I’ve decided to give you good people a good word today and here it is…

When to Best Reclaim Your Time

  • Reclaim your time from pointless conversations
  • Reclaim your time from failing relationships
  • Reclaim your time from dead end jobs
  • Reclaim your time from sabotaging yourself

Photo courtesy of Elle.

Reclaim your time from pointless conversations.

Why on earth would you argue with someone just for the sake of argument? My dad always told me to never argue with a fool and I don’t take that advice lightly. Sure, debates are cool but if you’re consistently finding yourself locked into stressful conversations that are causing you to lose brain cells and sleep, go ahead and reclaim your time. Move around and don’t engage in petty conversations or become the person mad at yourself for falling into traps you saw set. Then for my net gnats, don’t tempt yourself. Don’t voluntarily jump into the black holes of Twitter hashtags and Facebook comments. Go read a book or something. Reclaim your time.

Reclaim your time from failing relationships

If your romantic, familial, or friend relationships are terrible going nowhere fast (not at your doing)…do yourself a favor and reclaim your time. Get out of there quick! There’s no need for you to engage in unhealthy interactions with people who don’t honor the person you are or are working to be. Don’t argue with your uncle at the cookout. Don’t throw wine on Susan at that nice charity gala. Reclaim your time. Surround yourself with people who bring the best out of you and lift you up in life.

Reclaim your time from dead end jobs

If you’re unhappy and ready for a change, it’s time to stop giving energy to those jobs doing nothing for your purpose. I’m not saying be an idiot and quit the job that’s paying your bills, I’m saying begin to align yourself with work that makes you happy and helps you leave the footprint you want on the world. Consider getting extra training or certifications for your dream job or even create your own job! Just don’t sit there and complain about “the man” taking the best years of your life when you can create the life you want doing the work you’re passionate about. I’m just saying, reclaim your time.

Reclaim your time from sabotaging yourself

This is a tough one because you might actually think you’re always awesome and continuously winning (but no one else does because you’re a joy kill or a leech) or you might just be the one who beats yourself up over the smallest feats. Stop it! Reclaim your time. You have to snap out of self destructive behaviors and seek sound, healthy counsel from those who can help you be your best self. If your friend tries to course correct some things they see going awry, reclaim your time and reroute. If you are your own worst enemy and suffer from low self esteem… stop it right now! Reclaim your time. Do some soul searching, find a spiritual advisor or therapist and get to work. Be that light you desire to see!

Photo courtesy of Vibe.

Maxine Waters was just trying to tell this dude to get to the point. I challenge us all to get to the point and stop wasting valuable time.

Thank you Auntie Maxine…thank you. You are eternally my #WomanCrushWednesday! <3