Happy (Not So) New Year!

It’s effin 2019, Black History Month has had it’s moment, and now here we are in March.

Let that marinate people…MARCH!!!

I can hardly believe it and yessss I know it’s been a hot minute since I last dropped a line but let me tell you, life has been nuts. I can’t complain but it’s been quite different from anything I’ve ever experienced.

I’ve been doing so much that by the end of the week, I’m generally left wondering where the time has gone, where to even begin restarting my creative work and how to maintain consistency. I thought I’d be doing all the things since I don’t have many distractions here. Shoot, I even thought I was going to be writing you people like 3 times a week, but then life was like NOPE…#NewJobNewYou girl. So I stopped trying to force what didn’t feel natural and I surrendered to being present in my experience here.

As you can imagine, it’s been a major adjustment, picking up and moving to Cali from Texas. And I honestly think I’ll feel more settled after this first year is up but at least I can say I’m getting used to my new gig, and raising my adorable puppy Cookie the CEO (named after Tim Cook). Yes it’s a funny story on how I selected his name, we’ll talk about it later. Anywho, this white little floofball has managed to take up the free time I thought I had so now life is even more full. As we speak, he’s spread all of his toys across my living room and has literally taken over. When I move, he moves. When he sneezes, it’s usually in my face. When I’m not keeping a close eye on him, he’s either making something a fire hydrant or into who knows what. I don’t have a life anymore. I might even be telling people I’m a single Black mother in Silicon Valley at this point. They totally know I’m joking btw…Well, hopefully.

Ok, what else can I think…Oh! I made two trips down to Houston in November and December last year for my cousin’s wedding and then for the holiday break. Let’s first start off with how amazing it was to have a proper break. Geez I didn’t know what I was missing! It was definitely a nice change up, going back home, but definitely interesting staying there after being in California for a bit. Of course I loved being with my family and friends but I realized there was absolutely nothing left for me outside of my familial life. I tried EVERYTHING in Texas and nothing really stuck for me. I did music, was on the scene, went to the best places, dated the most interesting people, had the BEST of friends but I never really built the way I knew I could. By the end of the trip, I realized it was time for a change, and that’s why I left for California. I had to take a leap of faith, now look at me…new city, new job, new life–new outlook.

Anywho, all is well and I have so much stuff to share. In the mean time, here is a blip of my life from around October to February, presented to you wonderful people in “thumbnails” until I can figure out this whole updated blog platform lol! Talk soon. <3

-D. Wright