Benefits of Moving From Your Hometown

I used to think everything started and ended with H-Town-Houston Texas. And Yes, I know the world is larger than Texas, but we Texans seem to believe we’re the greatest thing to happen to these here United States of UhMurica. I just couldn’t fathom life, being as amazing as it was in Texas, anywhere else in the world. Texas pride is a real thing folks and we have no shame about it. So imagine my surprise when I left and realized this great world held more for me than my beloved home state and hometown. As a native Houstonian, I thought living in the country’s fourth largest city would provide every opportunity equal to the amount of love and contentment I felt there everyday. Spoiler alertIt didn’t. So much was in store for me outside of my comfort zone and I want to share a bit of what I’ve learned leaving Space City for Silicon Valley. Here are my top three lessons:

Talk Less, Act Boldly

One thing about Houston was I felt like we all had so many dreams but never really did them to our fullest capabilities. It could very well be because of age, money, and insecurity back then but it was safe to say that everyone wasn’t “doing” or completely following through as they might have let on. No shade at all because I fell into the toxic cycle myself, but after moving here, I’ve completely snapped out of it. I learned no matter the outcome, it’s best to just try. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be right…for you. Once I trusted my gut and my knowledge, things took off for me. I didn’t have to just talk about my dreams, I started living them. I guess you could say another mini-lesson I learned was, you sometimes have to leave what you know so that you can really spread your wings and do what your heart is called to do…boldly and unapologetically.

Photo by Jesus Camacho

Surround Yourself With Greatness

Houston was full of amazing personalities and celebrities and wealth…but I never truly felt that kind of “success” was attainable. Houston was an oil and gas town. I needed a creative town. Moving to a place like Silicon Valley instantly plops you into circles and conversations you’d never even imagine to be in. It’s kinda like LA in the sense of going to a place where a primary industry is so massive that everyone is literally a few degrees apart. Back home, I was a bazillion degrees apart from truly doing the creative work I desired. Moving into a region focused on a creative industry helped me to not only feel like the sky was the limit for my path, but inspired to do whatever I could dream. I wish I could tell y’all even half the cool stuff I’ve been able to do. Just know I’m smack dab in the middle of fortune 500-excellence AND a top notch art scene. The industry I currently work in literally changes billions of lives and I wouldn’t have had this same experience if I were too afraid and stayed home. Don’t be afraid to move towards excellence.

Say “Buh-bye Safety Net”

Home had every creature-comfort a girl could ever want or need. Even if you were “broke” :raising my hand on this one: it didn’t take much money to have a good time or enjoy your family and friends. Southern culture is so rooted in family and extended family. This was a blessing and a crutch for me. Leaving taught me to fly on my trapeze with no net in sight. Am I scared sometimes? Yes. But is it also exhilarating…double-yes. I bump my head and stumble but it feels amazing. The freedom you gain from just doing whatever you want is unmatched. I will say working for a global corporation can be restricting in some ways, but I’m so proud of what I do and I know it will set me up for my creative pursuits as I keep living.

Photo by Jesus Camacho

So friends…you could say this post is dedicated to those of you on the fence, and wondering if it makes sense to take a leap of faith. I say, you never know what is on the other side for you. Don’t feel limited by your surroundings, understand there’s a whole life for you in a city, state, or country that could take you to the next level. There’s so much to gain from leaving your past and stepping out on faith. The world is your oyster, it just has to be discovered. <3

-D. Wright