I’m proud to say been a couple months since I’ve been writing to you all here on Sounds About Wright and I want to make sure that we get better acquainted.

I kinda hate social media. I know, I shouldn’t admit it out loud but it’s a lot of work and I just like to live (unless I’m snapping pictures of meals, that’s my only real online vice).

If you’re ever looking for me out there on the interwebs, you can find me a couple places. I’ll make it easy for you. Check it below.



This is where you can find me most of the time. I like talking with everyone about random articles and crazy stuff I come across. Sometimes you might get a short essay or two but aside from my Kanye rants we have fun there. It’s kind of the baby-blog version of SAW. Stop by and say hello when you get the chance. I’d love to chat it up with you.



Ok, even though I’m an OG of Twitter, I still haven’t gotten it down pat. Here I just talk to random people and a couple of  folks I know about all of the breaking stories and news updates that hit. You might also get the occasional .gif from me, but I promise they’re all really good.



I LOVE taking pictures of stuff but here I mostly share food and break my new blog posts here. I do share a few pictures of my adventures here but I’ll make sure to get better with that. I was told I do a lot of cool stuff and people would probably want check out the same spots as well. We’ll see. And you all might know by now I have a lot to say, so as I see things I’ll photo journal it here.

Well.. there you go! I’m obviously everywhere and fortunate for you guys they all have the same handle. In addition to my social networks, I’ll start shooting you all emails when you sign up for my list to keep you posted on new content and other fun stuff. I’m also still working on how I want to attack these podcasts and playlists, but just keep rocking with me. You won’t be sorry! Wellllll maybe you will. #joking

Oh yeah, feel free to drop a line in the comment section. I won’t bite.

Talk you you soon! <3