So a few weeks ago, Apple released their anticipated iPhone X.

Of course people were all abuzz about whether they thought the device would be a hit or just another mediocre success that Apple would overhype or over-market to over-compensate for an potential epic failure masked by the glories of yesteryear.

Then I saw this…

Samsung fired shots! And then it went viral and pretty much has taken over my television every few commercials. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s hilarious and definitely a gut punch for Apple fanboys and girls around the globe moving at the bird call of the tech giant. It was a great effort, but it left me with a couple of thoughts.

Apple Does Not Care

I sat back a couple days, and then days turned into weeks… Apple said nothing. It’s like when you ignore that frenemy you know loves your outfit but refuses to acknowledge you (or it) in public. Not only did Apple not care, but they stayed centered on themselves. There was no Samsung shade in sight, not even an acknowledgment. That must sting, even just a little bit. Apple brushed off Samsung like a bitter ex. So now what? We laughed, Apple doesn’t care, fans thought it was clever but what now Samsung? Will your phones live up to the hype you put out or will it all blow up in your face? Maybe a little pun intended there.

Samsung Didn’t Win Me Over

I’ll tell you what now, I’m still going to look at Google and Apple phones. I’ve never waited in a line for an iPhone or really pined over the next one but being insulted definitely isn’t going to win me over as a customer. Why would I want to move to a phone that doesn’t fit my lifestyle and to a company that thinks it can cyber bully its way into my pockets? Then on top of it, the phone could literally be used as a homemade explosive. I’m good, thanks.

The Lesson

So even though I feel like their innovation is decent and their track record is weird, there is a lesson. Win off of your own merit. When you’re doing amazing work, you don’t have to do multimillion dollar campaigns to prove that you’re better than your competitors. When you stay focused on your product or services and your customer base, the sky really becomes the limit. By staying customer-centric you gain customer loyalty and in turn become your peer’s worst nightmare.

So anywho, good commercial. I can’t wait until it retires but at least I learned a little something from it. Worry about me, it’s less desperate. <3